PSA Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer a few of the top questions we receive about PSAs and our services.

1) What services are provided by Salo Productions?

Salo Productions will take care of your PSA project from start to finish. This means: concept development, script writing, production, distribution, follow-ups, Sigma tracking, monthly reports, final report and analysis of confirmed telecasts.

If you have a PSA already produced, Salo Productions will distribute it nationally.

2) What topics are best for PSA coverage?

Once the traditional topics for PSAs were safety and health. But today almost any topic you represent that offers helpful information in the public interest can be made into a PSA. We specialize in developing creative approaches that work.

3) What is a typical budget for production and distribution of TV PSAs?

A PSA release, like any other marketing or public relations effort, can range from an amateur project for pocket change, all the way to a lavish campaign with budget in the six digits and beyond, depending on level of results aimed for.

Salo Productions has for 30 years worked to bring award-winning quality and celebrated results within reach of a modest organization's budget. We are not a cut rate production shop, but we do cost significantly less than the most famous producer of PSAs.

We will need to review your project idea to offer a true estimate. Write or call us today to discuss your project.

4) What results can Salo Productions deliver?

What makes working with Salo Productions special is our confidence in being able to deliver for you, honed over 30 years of success in the field of PSAs.

A TV PSA produced and distributed by Salo Productions is backed by a guarantee of performance.

We guarantee a minimum of 3,000 confirmed telecasts. This means your message reaches over 50 million viewers and achieves over $300,000 value of air time.

In an interview for O'Dwyer's PR Report, Wolfgang Gerz of the German Information Center declared a Salo Productions PSA the "single most effective tool in promoting the FIFA World Cup."

5) How are PSAs performing in the current economic and media climate?

You may be amazed. A special quality about PSAs is they tend to increase in performance amidst a relative media or economic dip.

As more quality commercial airtime opens up in free blocks, stations fill more slots with PSAs.

In recent years Salo Productions has noticed increased interest in our releases, experienced upwards of a 15% boost in results, and completed several of our most successful campaigns of all time.

This phenomenon is just one more reason why PSAs represent an effective way to reach millions in the media world of today.

6) What kind of stations will play our PSA?

Salo Productions has a track record of airplay on a large number of ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CW, and independent broadcast stations across the United States.

Cable distribution as an additional service has achieved equally great results. Contact us for details.

Our radio distribution covers hundreds of top radio stations from coast to coast.

7) What PSA lengths work best?

We have found the ideal TV PSA combination to be a 30 second spot and a 60 second spot. Our standard package includes production and distribution of both lengths.

8) What time periods do PSAs run?

PSAs are used ROS (run of schedule) which means all time periods. Late night is about 25%.

9) How long are PSAs used by the TV stations?

The usual pattern is six months, with the first three months providing the most hits.

10) What time of year is best for PSAs?

PSAs are used throughout the year, with summertime providing the heaviest usage.

11) Can PSAs be re-released in future years?

Re-release in the second year usually provides good results.

12) Does a PSA need a celebrity spokesperson?

A celebrity is not necessary to make a successful PSA. Most spots that we release feature no celebrities, and our airplay guarantee holds the same either way.

If your organization enlists a celebrity we will work with them. A list of celebrities we've worked with is available upon request.

13) What are your credentials?

Salo Productions has produced and distributed TV and Radio PSAs for companies, agencies, associations, nonprofits, and governments for over 30 years.

Ray Salo has been called "the dean of PSA producers" by O'Dwyer's PR Report.

We invite you to browse our PSA client testimonials.

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