PSA Distribution Services

Q. How do you get $300,000 of national airtime for a fraction of the cost?

A. Distribute a TV PSA with Salo Productions.

PSA distribution achieves national TV or radio air time at a low cost. Your total investment is a mere fraction of the commercial value of the air time you receive.

Year after year PSA distribution stands as one of the most cost-effective means of getting a message on the air.

The key is to enlist the best professional help. Having provided national distribution of TV and Radio PSAs for 30 years, Salo Productions is able to ensure maximum distribution pickup on your production investment.

Who are you entrusting with your important PSA distribution campaign?

Salo Productions delivers national distribution for your television or radio Public Service Announcements with reliable results.

For PSAs produced by Salo Productions, we offer a guarantee of distribution performance. For PSAs produced elsewhere, we will offer an estimate of distribution performance upon reviewing your spots.

Distribution to hundreds of national stations

Our standard TV PSA distribution service targets 200 select TV stations. To optimize your results we emphasize the most reliable broadcast stations with a track record of airing comparable spots. Stations include affiliates of all major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CW).

Cable distribution is offered as an optional service that has also achieved great results. Salo Productions clients have experienced success obtaining PSA airplay on cable systems such as CNN, Headline News and more.

Our standard radio PSA distribution service targets 1,000 select radio stations. Radio PSAs are distributed on CD in a four-color kit custom designed for your campaign.

PSA packages tailored to your needs

Your distribution can be expanded or tailored to emphasize your key markets.

Your PSA package distributed to the TV stations includes the video, Nielsen Sigma electronic tracking, a letter to the PSA director, color storyboards, and a prepaid broadcast report card.

We provide you with 26 weeks of Nielsen Sigma electronic tracking, monthly reports, and a final report and analysis of confirmed telecasts which includes color charts and a DMA map.

A proven track record of results

Salo Productions PSA Distribution Case Histories:

Internet Safety for Children PSA 5,877 telecasts
End Prostate Cancer PSA 6,293 telecasts
Causes of Asthma PSA 6,346 telecasts
Healthy Family Fitness PSA 6,416 telecasts
Nutrition Tips PSA 7,455 telecasts
A Healthy Lifestyle PSA 8,480 telecasts
Safe Childhood PSA 10,112 telecasts
Help American Athletes PSA 11,888 telecasts
All Alone PSA 14,599 telecasts

For 30 years Salo Productions has successfully delivered PSAs to millions of viewers and listeners across the United States, on hundreds of TV stations, radio stations, and cable networks including CNN, Headline News and more.

PSA Distribution Testimonials
“We were pleasantly surprised at the pick-up Salo Productions was able to achieve with television Public Service Announcements on fresh fruit. And Salo's reporting was always top-notch and reliable. We were able to reach 50 million people with our PSA at a very reasonable cost making it a very cost effective tool in our marketing mix.”
– Marilyn F. Dolan
Consumer Programs Director
California Tree Fruit Agreement
“We are very pleased with the results you have delivered in the placement of our 'Oil360' public service announcement. You delivered everything you promised and on time. When and if we have another placement project like this one, be assured we will give you a call. Thanks again for a terrific result.”
– Stan Sehested
Manager, Business Promotion
Phillips Petroleum Company
“The results are still coming in, but everything looks on pace to exceed the promised audience. We've already received dozens of calls, making my firm look smart for having chosen Salo Productions.”
– Brad Phillips
Phillips Media Relations, LLC
“I'm enjoying watching the distribution grow from week-to-week and month-to-month... Keep the viewers coming!”
– Matthew K. Smith
Marketing & Communications Manager
American Society for Surgery of the Hand
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